Motorbike grip

Knobs for off-road MXGP, EnduroGP, MotoGP, Quad, Snowmobiles.

The grips are made with a very soft blend of technopolymers and natural rubber, breathable, hypoallergenic, with very high grip and eco-friendly.

They are characterized by a design that guarantees better ergonomics, safety, comfort and maximum grip; their shape has been designed to reduce muscle stress in the arms and fingers.

The soft support handle, with the classic pyramid design, has been designed to ensure maximum grip in all driving conditions, avoiding the formation of blisters on the palms. At the end of handles in the upper part a concentric slat support allows maximum cushioning when driving on rough terrain. On the lower part four different rings with micro-pyramids optimize grip even when cornering, assisted by the ogival terminal section to ensure that the little fingers always remain in grip. There is also a gorge for the foam donut and two throat for the passage of the steel wire; to avoid possible contact with the fingers, two have also been made that allow the knot of the thread to be housed once tightened to the grip.

The left knob is also characterized by a recess on the internal flange to prevent the clutch interfering with the handle.