Marcopolo Innovation Opening


Marcopolo Innovation is a COWORKING space located in Hangzhou where it is possible:
- develop new (or existing) projects
- open your company
- get in touch with great players

China Eye Glass Design Conference


China Wenzhou Eye Glass Design Conference, Wenzhou 8.05.2019 - 14.05.2019


MAK and Giugiaro at Geneve Car Show


AFTER DESIGN thanks to MAK was present at the Geneva Motor Show thanks to the collaboration with GFG Style - creative fusion of two of the world's best known automotive designers: Giorgetto and...

Lombardy excellence


The designers and companies of the Lombardy region selected by the ADI Design Index 2017 received further recognition: 71 products and 92 designers were awarded in Milan on November 21 by the Counc...

Red Dot award 2015


MAK Milan awarded at the 2015 Red Dot Award, the design of MAK for its new alloy wheels wins the coveted "Product Design 2015" award, in the year of the sixtieth anniversary of this desig...

Opinion Leader


Review on Opinion Leader, year 2013.


Mak Fatale, Geneve Car Show


MAK Fatale elected most beautiful wheel of the 2013 Geneve Car Show.
The model designed by AFTER DESIGN for MAK is assigned, the recognition awarded by Auto Illustrierte, a well-known Swiss m...

MAK eand Bertone at Geneve Car Show


AFTER DESIGN thanks to MAK was present at the Geneva Motor Show thanks to the collaboration with Bertone.
it's called Bertone Nuccio Concept and was created by the Italian brand to celebr...

Opinion Leader


After esign review on Opinion Leader magazine, year 2008.


Auto Più


Review on Auto Più magazine, year 2006.


Ascar Prize


The Italian association that represents all the manufacturers and distributors of accessories and special components for cars, has set up, for the first time this year, a special award for the desi...

Kult magazine


The design of speed; interview, anno 2003.


Ottagono N. 183


Designing better wheel, review, 1999.