The new generation of designers is forced to face an increasingly changing context, where emerging technologies, tastes and sensibility of consumers offer the chance to experiment and create more and more freely, but at the same time require the adoption of a visionary thought that must be capable of abandon conventional schemes. Mirror of this situation are the training and professional commitment of Gianfranco Melegari.
Born in Cremona in 1970, after his studies, first at the State Artistic Lyceum of Bergamo, then at the European Institute of Design in Milan, Gianfranco Melegari entered in 1991, as an intern, at Bonetto Design, where he worked as Senior Designer until 1994.
During the following year he began his freelance activity, dealing with design and consultancy in all industrial fields. Then, in 1997, he founded After Design S.R.L.
Leveraging the experience in car-design field, Gianfranco Melegari has been able to diversify his theoretical and empirical skills, in order to develop a sustainable competitive advantage about methodological aspects thanks to that first, but fundamental contact with design issues, at Bonetto's studio.
For Gianfranco Melegari, the development of a new product is divided into several phases, from the development of the initial concept, to the creation of a prototype. Necessary, but not enough, conditions are represented by the feasibility and industrial repeatability of the project; they never go into the background during the entire creative process.
The search for formal harmony and the innovative application of appropriate processes and materials are the foundations of its exclusive and unmistakable modus operandi.
He progressively and flexibly selects the characteristics of his creations; each of his coiches is the result of rational expert intuitions.
Currently, After Design makes use of the collaboration of professionals tied to it through an employment contract by employees and a network of freelancers with specific skills complementary to those of the studio.