Z alpha

Bike helmet

Design concept in collaboration with Antonello Piredda and Paolo Zanotto

Reverse engineering and construction of 3d surfaces for mold use.
This helmet falls into the category that combines aerodynamics studied and researched looking for a good compromise in terms of ventilation.
it was designed and then tested in the wind tunnel trying to optimize "the air flows inside the helmet with the external ones and at different angles. A validation obtained not only in a static context but by testing the real conditions of the cyclist in motion, from the position on the bicycle to the inclination of the head, also thanks to the support of the athletes of the Fundacion Contador Team who carried out road and wind tunnel tests ".
On the front there is a removable cover, which makes the air flow even faster, "guaranteeing aeration between the front and rear section exiting the helmet, and therefore improves the aerodynamic advantage over 40 km/h, as well as obviously the protection from atmospheric agents. This allows you to also adjust the ventilation in different conditions of use, and consequently the helmet comfort ".